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Phlebotomy Certification
~ Become a Certified Phlebotomist In 5 Simple Steps ~
1. Enroll in a phlebotomy training class.

2. Participate in a clinical site for practice. Complete the required number of successful venipunctures and skin punctures. Documentation is required, if requested. Note: If you meet certification eligibility based on your phlebotomy experience, you will be required to provide documentation showing proof of such.

3. Register to sit for the phlebotomy certification and return requested documentation to prove eligibility. There are several agencies listed below. When you register with the certification agency, they will provide an outline of the topics that are included in the exam and percentage of questions for each topic. It will usually include a sample of the type of questions in the exam. 

4. Study to prepare for the exam. Most agencies offer a study guide free or for a fee. The study guide is designed to help you prepare to pass the exam.

5. Pass the exam and enjoy the benefits of being a certified Phlebotomist.

Two most common questions asked:

1.After taking the 2-day class will I be certified or be eligible to sit for the phlebotomy certification exam? 

No. As indicated above, there are steps that must be completed before becoming certified. At the end of our program you will receive a certificate of completion. Most of the people we train, continue practicing drawing blood at their employer. If you are looking for a different program check at your local college. They usually offer training in the fall and in the spring. Their program will usually include a clinical rotation. We do not provide a clinical rotation.

2. Will I be able to get a job after completing the 2-day program?

We cannot and do not guarantee employment. Do a phlebotomy job search for your location and find out what the qualifications are for the phlebotomy positions at different companies. If a company state phlebotomy certification preferred. That mean they prefer a candidate who is certified but would hire a candidate who is not certified. 

 If the job do not say phlebotomy certification, they will probably list other criteria such as phlebotomy experience or it may require a phlebotomy training program. If the job search indicates phlebotomy certification, they are seeking a candidate that has experience and have passed the certification exam. 

Passing the exam indicates a certain number of venipunctures and skin punctures were completed and you have an acceptable knowledge base. Becoming a certified Phlebotomist should always be your ultimate goal. 

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Note: If you live in California or Louisiana, check the regulations for Phlebotomist. 
Click here for California regulations and you will be directed to their website.
List of Phlebotomy Certification Agencies

National Healthcareer Association
 NHA - National Headquarters
 7500 West 160th Street
 Stilwell, Kansas 66085
 Web site: http://www.nhanow.com

American Society for Clinical Pathology
 33 West Monroe, Suite 1600
 Chicago, IL 60603

 Web site: http://www.ascp.org/

American Medical Technologists
 10700 West Higgins Road, Suite 150
 Rosemont, Illinois 60018
 Web site: http://www.amt1.com

American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians
 P.O. Box 1831
 Hickory, NC 28603
 Web site: http://www.aspt.org/